VXDIAG GM GDS2 Tech2Win test Corvette C7 C6 on Win10

My vxdiag vcx nano gm came on a CD , I know why they offer it on a hard drive.
The software can be a challenge to load if you don’t know what you are doing.

Tech2win and GDS2 were built to run on a 32 bit Windows 7 machine.

I was able to get TechiiWin to run on my Windows 10 64 bit machine but it’s a crap shoot, some can’t get it to run on Windows 10.
I never got GDS2 to run in windows 10. Windows 7 works perfect.

Make sure the VCX nano comes with software otherwise you will have to buy a licence. There are not many of those old laptops around that have enough power to run the software so they give you a copy of VMware ( virtual machine) and a copy of Windows 7 with all the software loaded so when you start the VM session , Windows 7 starts inside this shell and then you click on GDS2 for later cars or TECH2WIN for earlier models.

So not to many people know how to load and run VM ware that is why they just copied all the software to a hard drive for you and then you just make a shortcut to your windows 10 desktop
Now it’s still not all plug and play as you need to allow VMware Access to your USB ports etc which is not hard to do.
You also need good hardware as VM ware uses a lot of resources.
I tried it on an old Core Duo laptop and it was just to slow and crashed a lot.
I bought an old Dell laptop Icore 5 with 16 g of memory running Windows 10 and it runs the VM machine great.

I bought my VCX NANO from vxdiagshop.com figuring if I could not get it to run I would just send it back . After about a day of messing with it I now have it running both flawlessly , stick with the USB version as the wireless version is just one more thing to complicate the install . The cable is not bad to use at all.

I use the GDS2 software for my C7 and the Tech2win for all my buddies C6.

So for $99 for the device and another $130 for the cheap laptop ……no trips to the dealer for me or my buddies …I love it.