VXDIAG VCX NANO GM GDS2 SPS Windows 7 Working Experience

VXDIAG VCX NANO GM GDS2 Tech2Win SPS new feedback from vxdiagshop.com customer (June 25th, 2019):


I like the fast delivery and how flawless the device works. Instructions were not provided, but after figuring it out and using it, five stars returned. Scanning with TECH2Win and programming with SPS no issues. Means that when using it , avoid disturbing the PC, USB cable, wire harnesses or other electrical circuits, especially during programming.

Platform : Intel i3, Windows Pro 7, 4GB,
1. Execute “VX Manager.exe” to install the software (I used options “PASSTHRU” & “GM GDS2/T2W” for the GDS2 module)
2. Connect VXDIAG VCX to PC using USB cable and wait for windows to completely install the device and return
3. Start the “VX Manager” application (it should recognize the VXDIAG device)
4. In “VX Manger” go to diagnostics and click “GM GDS2/T2W” and click “install” to install additional usb support
5. Execute “AutoInstall.exe” from the “Tech2Win” folder to install Tech2Win
6. Start “Tech2Win” application and it should recognize the device as a CANDi module using USB
7. Installation is complete and can start vehicle scanning. (No need to install VMware-player.exe or Extracting GMEM.rar)