Free Download VXDIAG Nissan Consult3 Plus V235 Software

VXDIAG released a new Nissan RNM VCI driver to fix reprogramming bugs. With the new VCI driver, new V235 version Nissan Consult3 plus was tested working no issue with VXDIAG Nissan scanners (VXDIAG VCX NANO and VCX SE Nissan).

VXDIAG Update Nissan Driver to Support Reprogramming Function


Free Download VXDIAG Nissan Consult 3 Plus V235 software 

Download LINK 


V235 uses different loader laoder than V226. Contact for V235 loader patch. 


Don’t need to install Nissan VCI driver separately. Install Nissan driver in VX Manager.

V235 has no issue with online programming with subscription.

Vxdiag Nissan V235 Software 1

Operating system: Win10


Vxdiag Nissan Software Langauge 1

FYI: VXDIAG engineer is now testing the C3+ P V241 software. The new version will be available soon.