VXDIAG VCX SE Benz Xentry DTS Vediamo All Working Review June 2024

Here comes the unbiased review on VXDIAG VCX SE DoIP Mercedes-Benz scanner [June 2024].

Credit to Mr. Holmes.

For me xentry, dts monaco 8.16, vediamo everything works great.

Vxdiag Vcx Se Benz Review

My Openport 2.0 served me faithfully for two years and almost never let me down. It still works great.

There’s just one thing, and it’s called SAMF204. The fact is that when flashing firmware or updating any modules, the encodings of this same SAMF are lost!
Of course, I have a backup, but correcting so many encodings in Vediamo is just painful and time-consuming. I would like to connect using DTS Monaco, where restoring encodings takes almost a second. But unfortunately Vediamo only works in smr-d files with Openport, and I cannot find such a file for samf204.

It was precisely because of this module that I decided to buy myself a VXDIAG VCX SE Benz unit. I took it this evening, reinstalled the entire system (we are moving from XPT to XDOS), installed Xentry 12.2023, DTS Monaco 8.16, Vediamo 5.01.01 and WIS 07.2021 Standalone.

It’s almost 3:00 am, I’m updating Add-ons, while the update is in progress I decided to share the joy.

Xentry OpenShell 12.2023 is installed and working.
DTS Monaco 8.16, works with both smr-d and cbf files.
Vediamo 4.02.02 in J2534 mode, cbf only.