VXDIAG GM No TIS Connection & No Valid Lease Solution


Received the vxdiag vcx nano for gm today. Updated the drivers in VX manager. I have updated the license. I have green ticks In the diagnostic tab and license tab shows as all available with green tick.

When I run GDS2 by the separate patch, i get No TIS connection available, anyone had this come up?

When I run GDS2 via VXmanager i get No valid lease found.

I can log into ACDelco and connect to the car via the SPS website though.

Vxdiag Gm No Tis Connection Avaliable 1

Vxdiag Gm No Tis Connection Avaliable 2

Vxdiag Gm No Tis Connection Avaliable 3

Vxdiag Gm No Tis Connection Avaliable 4


No TIS connection available: this error was caused by a missing patch.

Download and run GDS2 from patch here


No valid lease found error: run the GDS2 app from the desktop icon not from the vx manager.
once you update the licence you close vx manager and then look for the “GDS2” icon which should be on the desktop and double click that to run gds.




Had to kill windefender too. Uninstalled and reinstalled everything, framework 3.5 also need to be installed.

But better add an exception to windows rather than killing it otherwise whenever it reenables itself (it does even if you turn it off) it may prevent access again.
On win 10, go to windows security -> virus & threat protection settings -> exclusions (scroll down) then add the GDS2.exe.

Vxdiag Gm No Tis Connection Avaliable 5