Mini VCI or VXDIAG to Program 2022 Tacoma TPMS?

Here is the user’s working experience on choosing the correct Toyota Tacoma TPMS programming device.

This is on a 2022 Tacoma.


He bought a mini vci cable from amazon and was unable to make it work properly.
He could connect to the truck and read data but could not write to the ecu. He was trying to program new TPMS ID’s.


Then he ended up ordering the VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota cable on Many of us have had good luck with the VXDiag VCX Nano packaged with techstream often. It will not work with WinXP 32 bit. I found a newer version of techstream online and installed it on an older laptop with Windows 10 64 bit. This worked just fine.

I picked up an Autel TS508 for cheap off of market place scanned the ID’s on the set of factory take-off trd rims and was able to program with the VXDIAG NANO cable with techstream version 17.

Techstream is the method we can use to program TPMS codes with the VXDiag. Techstream can do a lot more than TPMS.