Turn Off Toyota Tundra Passive Alarm with VXDIAG Techstream

Here comes the problem. One of Toyota Tundra 2010 DC limited owners’ truck is locked. He use the fob to unlock all the doors, then open a rear door to get something. He close the door and leave the truck unlocked. 20 seconds later, the alarm goes off.

He may try some troubleshooting, but the weird part is, the truck is unlocked when the alarm goes off. I know some vehicles automatically relock after a while to protect you from accidental button pushes as you walk away. The manual says it will lock after 60 seconds if no door was opened. I’ve never had this problem with opening the drivers door, only rear doors.


I turned off the Passive alarm on Techstream and it hasn’t happened since.
I did it myself with Techstream. I found it very finicky, had to keep trying to get it to connect but it worked. The instructions are attached.


My process is
1. Connect VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota USB cable to laptop
2. Start laptop
3. Start Techstream
4. Start car (can also be in ACC ON, but get better results generally with car in Ready)
5. Plug OBD to car
6. Connect via Techstream

Tunr Off Passive Alarm Tundra With Techstream 1