VXDIAG Ford IDS V126 Run from Patch No Connection?

Problem 1:

I got the vxdiag vcx nano Ford IDS V126.01 installed. Tried to run IDS from patch. It failed me and no connection.

Error VCM USB cable Communication Error.

Vxdiag Ford Ids V126 No Connection 2


This error is usually caused by installing Ford and Mazda IDS on the same operating system.

DON’T install both software in one system.

Install Ford IDS on a separate system.



Problem 2:

VXDIAG Ford IDS V12.06 failed to connect with my Ford Focus 2015 MY. Error Testman Runtime System has stopped working. Any solution?Vxdiag Ford Ids Runtime

Vxdiag Ford Ids No Connection


Install Ford IDS on a separate system. Don’t install ISTA, SDD or other diagnostic software with Ford IDS.


Free Download VXDIAG Ford Mazda IDS V126 and Patch