BMMW F Series Programmer ICOM Next or VXDIAG VCX SE BMW

Here comes the unbiased review of vxdiag vcx se bmw on F series.

“I drive BMW 6 series Convertible 650I N62B48 and BMW 7 series 730LD.

For a long time I wanted to get away from the d-can cable (inpa), due to the fact that I began to actively repair BMW seriously.

And sometimes you have to not only read or code errors, but also program the control units. Yes, and a lot of F series went. So it needs to be updated.

With the D-can, the programming procedure is quite dangerous. Although I confess I did this, but at my own peril and risk.

I was not ready to buy the original icom next for 700 euros.

The Chinese icom also decided not to take it because of its unreliability, and there are plenty of copies on the copy. But it’s clear what you buy.

But VXDIAG is a Chinese development for which fakes are not made. At least I don’t know.

What is VXDIAG and what is its functionality?

1. Reading errors
2. Coding
4. Work of all functions via WiFi.

In fact, it gives all the features of the original Icom.

Well, a good price for such opportunities.

Icom original 700 euros
Icom China 200 euros
VXDIAG 140 euros.

Vxdiag Vcx Se Bmw Review

Arrived very fast, already made a quick test. My VCX SE BMW work super well with ISTA+ (4.28), INPA, ESYS.