Subaru XV 2016 CVT Fluid Replacement Drained Only 5.5 Liters of Fluid?

Car model and year: Subaru XV 2016 with TR580 transmission


What I did:

Replace CVT fluid according to the repair manual.



I have drained only 5.5 liters of fluid (and filled with the exact amount). I’ve read somewhere that people drained 8-9 liters.

Drained hot, filled cold, but hot and cold fluid were mixed inside transmission when gears were shifted P-R-N-D and backwards, and after that added missing oil, shifted through all gears again and then drained all excess oil till it started dripping slowly through fill hole… So it should be fine based on repair manual.


Good to know:

Some models have the CVT fluid cooler which means the hold a lot more fluid. It’s a reasonably serious process to change CVT fluid. Got to get the temperature right to get the level right.


Finally, got the VXDIAG and hook it up!

There is a very specific temp the fluid need to be checked at. Not just hot or cold. I have VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III SSM3 SSM4 Diagnostic Tool to track the temp, but they are making nuclear science of something fairly simple…
And yet, engine oil change is done without temperature checking.

Vxdiag Subaru


Well I am pretty sure that it has some quantity tolerance, as there is no way to measure quantity with 100% precision without using the machine for replacing fluid (there is 10°C difference between lowest and highest fluid temp when replacing, so that is the first thing that change quantity)…

But anyway, I have replaced fluid, everything works fine.