Chevy Cobalt SS 07 Clutch Relearn via VXDIAG VCX Nano Tech2win

Question: Does the clutch switch wiring have a fuse that can be checked, I rigged up a push button start but I still would rather the key switch worked.



You need to relearn the switch. It’s a quick process, but needs the Tech2 software, or the VXDiag VCX Nano GM.


1st suggestion.

On your car, it’s not actually a switch, it’s a potentiometer (variable resistor). Typically one side will be tied high, say 5V, and the other side tied to signal ground. And the middle, the wiper, connected to the input. If you are shorting things, it’s hard to tell for sure if you have damaged anything without knowing for sure what you did and how the PWB is designed. But it’s never a good idea to direct short anything without knowing for sure. Using a current limiting resistor to “short” might have been a safer bet.

My car does actually have a switch (07 SS/SC) so it hard for me to be able to test values and help you. If the TECH2 can read the values and they are within specs, that would tell you if it’s okay.

Otherwise, you could read the values of all three wires during the different clutch positions and post them and maybe someone with the same car can compare them to their known good values. That would tell us a lot.


2nd suggestion.

Have you ever been able to start with the key switch? I am assuming no, which might be the reason you went with the push button start jumper band-aid.

If you were able to start it with the key at one point, what changed that made it stop working, what prompted you to change the PCM? Are you just guessing this is a clutch switch issue or you know for sure?


I am concerned about your “shorted the clutch switch” not clear what you did. Hopefully there is no damage to any circuits.

you might need to relearn the switch with VXDIAG Nano.

The VXdiag is around $100 on; it fully emulates a Tech2 and will allow you do a clutch relearn. It’s a pain in the ass to get set up but once its working, it’s great.


Finally Fixed!

We got it fixed, clutch relearn via vcx nano/tech2win and a bad relay.

Now I can use my key Ignition again instead of my push button start.


One more question: Is there an “learn” or adjustment for the throttle? Ours seems like either idle or 1200 and above. There is no way to slowing depress the throttle to ramp up from 800 RPM to 1200 RPM. Makes cruising slowly difficult.

Answer: I’m 99% sure I saw throttle position sensor on the screen when he was going through the programs.

To actually answer your question, yes there is an “idle learn reset”.

Vxdiag Nano Chevy Car Clutch Relearn