Free Download VX Manager V1.6.2 and V1.6.4 for VXDIAG Scanner

VX Manager 1.8.x up is not compatible with Windows XP operating system.

Allscanner VX Manager 1.8.X up requires to renew license every 60 days.  They have starting this since they found that some other Chinese manufacturers have copied their firmware (ICOM next clone, vcm2 clone etc). here provides older V1.6.x vx manager driver download free.

When & What device need v1.6.x driver?

  •  VCM2 clone seems to work fine on the older 1.6.X VX manager
  • Xtool PS90/XVCI can use 1.6.x version if shows firmware update failed error
  • Those who got the very old WinXP HDD, requires to use 1.6.x driver
  • Those who got the older vxdiag device, i.e vxdiag porsche tester 2, porsche tetser 2 OEM clone
  • Those who want to avoid VX Manager 60 days expiry



VX Manager V1.6.2 free download

VX Manager 1.6.4 free download



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