VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Review on 2011 Sierra

I got the VXDIAG VCX Nano GM for reprogramming a BCM in my 2011 Sierra that I suspected was faulty. The driver’s side signal lights didn’t function but the passenger lights did and the hazards worked fine. So when I got the VCX Nano yesterday I started trying to install the latest VXDIAG software and the GDS2 and Tech2Win programs were being hung up even with the antivirus & firewall software paused. I had tried installing everything piecemeal but there’s software for the MDI communication link that doesn’t completely download so it left Tech2Win not working although I think I could have done the TDS programming from the AC Delco site. So I ended up uninstalling everything and tried an older laptop hoping that something more obsolete but still a 64 bit machine would be more forgiving – no dice. All that happened was everything that still didn’t work took more time to find out. So I noticed a comment from one Amazon reviewer that talked about an “Image File”- which is exactly what one makes when copying programs when replacing hard drives in computers. So I went looking and found a 1.01GB image (“iso”) file here: https://www.vxdiagshop.com/info/download/ It’s the first file under the “VXDIAG GM” Header about 4/5th down the page. The File is named “VXDIAG GM 2020.07 GDS2, Tech2Win and VX Manager 2021-04”. I found a blank DVD and burned the image file onto it. Then when I used the installer files for both the GDS2 and Tech2Win programs those installed beautifully first time. The VX Manager had issues installing but I had already found a link to a VX Manager Version from March 2021 that loaded up fine: http://www.vxdiag.net/?lang=en I then connected the VCX Nano to the laptop after all the programs were loaded and opened up VX Manager to get that program to recognize the hardware and upload a new license (not 100% sure if that was needed but it didn’t hurt). After that I was able to try out Tech2Win on the OBDII connector on the Sierra followed by BCM replacement and reprogramming. I highly recommend watching videos made by Randy from “Lowbuck”. Not everything I did turned out the same but it was very close and the info in his videos act as very good training wheels for newbies like me. One final thing – if my DVD burning idea hadn’t worked I was able to establish WhatsApp contact with the VCX Nano people and there was an engineer that could have given help if I needed it. It was very good to see that solid support wasn’t hard to get. The VCX tool is powerful and when I needed it to work it was dependable and easy. The bottom line is my Sierra now has driver side turning lights and it was a fix I could do myself. Thank you VXDIAG!