VXDIAG VCI Detected but VX Manager No Device (Auto) Solution


VX Manager cannot find vxdiag vcx se BMW device after connecting vci with laptop via USB.  But the computer can detect the VCI. I can also see the device in network adapter and IP is correct (192.168.8.* **). What should I do?

Vxdiag No Device Error

Device Network Connection

Ip Correct Ip Address Of The Device


The solution works on other vxdiag scanners as well.  Make sure you have the latest VX Manager version.

1) Go to Configure, change the connection method from USB to USBLAN, save and restart VX Manager, it should be ok.

Device Connection Usblan

2) If still no device is detected after connecting via USBLAN, go to computer Device Manager, check if the Device NIC driver is normal. If there is something wrong with the NIC driver (i.e has an Exclamation mark), delete it and reflash the Device Manager.

Network Card Driver Problem

3). If cannot find device in all areas marked red below, check if there is a “DOIP-VCI-****” WiFi in your computer WiFi list, if it is not listed, there is something wrong with your device, need to send it back for repair.

No Device Found

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