VXDIAG GM Tech2win License Expire or No Exist Solution

Feedback 1:

Hi, my vxdiag vcx nano Tech2Win was working no issue on Windows 10 system. Recently it reported an error saying the license expired or no exists.

It was working good with my system before.
I reloaded the software but when I open the Tech2 screen I get this error code also after I select the MDI in the window the next window were it says select interface there are no options and there was before. I attached screen shots below.

Error: E667481 Your license has expired or does not exist.

Vxdiag Tech2win Expire 1 Vxdiag Tech2win Expire 2 Vxdiag Tech2win Expire 3 Vxdiag Tech2win Expire 4

Gm Tech2win License Expired 1


Update VX Manager driver to latest version, update firmware and license.

After download, please install the new vx manager.
Then connect device to laptop, laptop connecting network, open new vx manager, click “Firmware” to update, then click “Update license” to renew.



Feedback 2:

I did all the above, updated VX Manager, firmware and license, when I get to the second drop down there are no options to select.

Gm Tech2win License Expired 2


The new vx manager might conflict with your operating system.

Some people manage to run Tech2win on Windows 10 without issue. Some failed due to various Win10 configurations.

We recommend installing Tech2win on Windows 32bit operating system (except Home version).



User final feedback:

I did get this to work on win 10 64 Bit again. I had to install everything else first and the VX manager last.
I had to load all the software and than last I loaded the VX manager and it is back working.


Hope it helps.



Check: VXDIAG GDS2 and Tech2win Installation Manual