VXDIAG VCX NANO “Toyota Launcher” Flagged by Virus Protection?

Have VXDIAG VCX nano Toyota cable for Land Cruisers 2018, and have the “Toyota Launcher” flagged by virus protection.
Open TechstreamPatch folder, copy and paste Toyota Launcher to C://Program Files/Toyota Diagnostics/Techstream/bin folder
Go to C://Program Files/Toyota Diagnostics/Techstream/bin, open Toyota Launcher

Windows says it has this virus: Win32/Ymacco.AA5C

VCX nano USB version, purchased from vxdiagshop.com, run Techstream, but it prompts for a key. If I try to use the patch launcher it quarantines it so it can’t run.

Vxdiag Vcx Nano Toyota Launcher 01


Vxdiagshop.com engineer replied:

For win10 computer, turn off Windows security protection and delete antivirus.


Good luck!


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