How to Reset Subaru Steering Angle Sensor with VXDIAG SSM3?


My DCCD light is on open since I have installed my aftermarket steering wheel. I have reset the position of the steering angle sensor/roll connector per service guide, but the light is still blinking. Do I need to re-calibrate the sensor using the subaru select monitor (SSM)?



Working Experience:

The cheap FreeSSM wasn’t able to access the TCM only the ECM.  I purchased the VXDIAG Subaru box that come with SSM-III and got everything working.  It’s exactly what I needed! It came with what’s copy version of SSM-III but this software is sweet, you have access to absolutely everything. I was able to see the TCM codes, clear them, check and reset the steering angle. Problem solved without needing to replace any sensors. engineer confirmed VXDIAG will calibrate SAS on Subarus.

SSM that can read the codes for the TC/VDC/SAS, etc. It is able to reset the SAS value back to zero as long as your alignment is proper and steering wheel is straight.



Main Steps Listed:

1. VDC sensor midpoint setting mode


·When the skid control computer (brake actuator ASSY) has been replaced, make sure to perform VDC sensor midpoint setting.
·Make sure to perform [VDC sensor midpoint setting mode] on a level surface (grade of 1 % or less). While centering, do not shake the vehicle or open/close a door

Note: When performing [VDC sensor midpoint setting mode], make sure to set zero point of yaw rate sensor & G sensor (brake actuator ASSY is integrated) and steering sensor.

(1) Turn the ignition switch to OFF.

(2) Shift into neutral and apply the parking brake.

(3) Connect the Subaru SSM3 to the DLC3.

(4) Turn the ignition switch to ON.

(5) Set the steering wheel in a straight position.

(6) On the SSM3 screen, select [ABS/VDC System]→[Work Support]→[VDC sensor midpoint setting mode].

(7) Following the SSM3 screen, perform [VDC sensor midpoint setting mode].