VXDiag VCX NANO for GM: a must-know diagnostic scanner

Wanna purchase a diagnostic scanner? VXDiag VCX NANO for GM, a must-know diagnostic scanner that is simple to use, is among the greatest diagnostic products. Now please look at the following table of VXDiag VCX NANO to see whether it suits you.


Details of VXDiag VCX NANO:

Item VXDiag VCX NANO for GM
Image Vxdiag Vcx Nano For Gm A Must Know Diagnostic Scanner 01
Customer Rating Vxdiag Vcx Nano For Gm A Must Know Diagnostic Scanner 02
Price 99USD (USB version), 105USD (WIFI version)
Size 8.3 x 6.3 x 1.9 inches
Weight 9.6 ounces
Designed for professional car mechanic
Wifi connection Yes
USB connection Yes
Support CAN/Class2/GM LAN/KW2000/


Support GDS2 Yes, GDS2 V2020. OS: win7 / 10 32bit 64bit
Support Tech2Win Yes, Tech2Win 16.02.24

Notice: Tech2Win is compatible with WIN7 32bit 64bit, Win10 64bit.

Read and clear codes Yes
Read freeze frame data Yes
Retrieve VIN and ECU information Yes
Manage output control functions Yes
Control and monitor Output Control functions Yes
Record, store and replay Stored data Yes
Record or display history of the previous vehicle diagnostic sessions Yes
Read VIN, ECU part numbers and software numbers Yes
Retrieve the diagnostic history of a vehicle Yes
Relearn Yes
Configure and Reset functions Yes
Firmware Update Yes
Support service programming system Yes

Notice: to use this function, you are required to buy a software subscription.

Pros 1.   It is stable and can perform functions without problems.

2.   It supports multiple languages.

3.   It’s convenient for you to connect to the car’s diagnostic connector.

4.Supports car model from 2000 to 2020(PS:TECH2WIN cannot support OPEL& Saab)

Cons To gain programming functions you have to purchase GM subscription.



Real reviews from Customer


A great tool to have around if you end up working on GM vehicles. Takes a bit of googling to figure out how to set it up. I went the proper route and purchased a subscription from GM to access the software necessary to diagnose and program modules and etc. It worked fine. It emulates a MDI tool when it’s used with diagnostic software and when programming it presents as a generic J2534 pass-thru. I will say that some software came with it but I can’t speak much about it because I didn’t use it. It is a bulky device and may not easily fit in all OBD2 ports. I purchased an OBD2 extension cable to use with it so it’s not so difficult to plugin and doesn’t stay sticking out from the OBD2 port waiting to be kicked. Budget GM scan tool for diagnostics and programming.

Vxdiag 1 Vxdiag 2


I a running Windows 10 64 bit. For GM USB, was a tech for years, no wifi for me you might drop signal and boot load your if you are programming & you will need a SPS subscription 1 VIN is reasonable price & allows for 24 months programing from acdelcotds dot com/ subscriptions

Download VXmanger, install (got the lastest version from their website allscanner dot com)
Update firmware on device (as of writing this 1.5xxx)
from VXmanger left side “Automotive” options install PASSTHRU a & GM GDS2/T2W drivers (verify the OBD scanner interface can see battery voltage) you will see a voltage reading in bottom right corner of VXmanager. all good close VXmanager.

GM SPS Module programing.
go to acdelcotds dot com setup an account.
purchase subscription.
load through and install all necessary Java updates, (might have to turn off windows defender and firewalls, and few reboots)
SPS also needs some other updates (you will always be asked to run something from Java)
You will be asked to install current GDS2 software and driver 7, install reboot and reload to your acdelco account (PITA with the email codes)

Tech 2 stuff is on the CD in the box, load it and run Tech 2, the drivers from before will allow you to connect and look at HVAC, BCM, any and all modules available for fault codes within the Tech2’s limits.

enjoy, its a great product for the price bar none, another great tool in my tool box.
Eventually you will make it to SPS select year, make, model and start self learning how to program… its fairly easy to understand but I was a previous tech and it seems like typical dealership software to me.


Took some time to figure out how to use it properly, but once you figure it out for your vehicle it is exactly the same as the General Motors Tech2 professional tool. I highly recommend this tool for those who need the specific features that the tech2 provides. Other utilities included. Cable provided is very long. Easy to use with a Windows laptop or tablet.


Works just as described and also on win 10, 64. Because there is no real instructions it is hard to set up and go like most products but because the money saved from this item kind of makes me not care.. It was way better then 300-600 for the more Advanced items used in the Automotive industry.
On a Bright Note- there is a review that gives very good discription on the order of what should be installed.
There was still some issue’s trying to get to download from AC Delco. I learned that I don’t need to be in the system of the car (ECM) to download. Just have everything plugged in and that it is “connected”, then go to AC Delco ( pay your fee for the VIN you want) start downloading. Just make sure you have the battery on a charger and your comp on one too. Also make sure you have enough signal if using wifi, if plugged straight into the internet, then you should be good.
Worked on a 2006 Monte Carlo SS w/LS4. reprogrammed basically everything. ECM,PCM,TCM, ABS, Air Bag Sensors, ect..

Worked better than the actual Tech2 for my 2014 GMC Sierra 3500HD LML 6.6 Duramax. It is correct, Tech2 only goes to year 2013 but GMC held onto the the LML for the last year for the Sierra in 2014.

I replaced a DEF heater after getting stuck in Limp mode with only 20 miles @ 55mph before going down to 4mph.

You will need to assume 2013 Truck GlowPlug control. Command each heater, 1 – 2 – 3 ON for 15 seconds then OFF and it will clear the “Service Exhaust Fluid System” limp mode.

Watch the included video on the DVD and follow each step. GDS2 throws a Virus alert, disable antivirus and install. Recommend using a dedicated laptop that is only used for this Tech2Win usage.

Took me 45 seconds to clear limp mode and now have full access to other functions and controls for my truck. Well worth the cost if you’re a DIY person and avoid dealership costs to diagnose and repair.



Q: Will this program any module in a 2017 Chevrolet?
A: Yes, but you need buy original GM subscription.

Q: I just want to be sure…will this work on a 2017 corvette with the tis2web subscription and a windows 10 laptop
A: It can works on 2017 corvette, but need 32bit computer, win7 or win 10 both ok, but need 32bit

Q: Does this work for the 2017 Chevy bolt ev?
A: Yes all Chevy models from 99 and up use tis2000 for 99-2008 and gds2 for 09-up

Q:will this run on a hp i5 7200 2.5 ghz 64bit operating system, x64 based processor?

Q: Can i use this to program 2017 chevy volt with tis2web?
A:Yes this tool will work, you will need a subscription to tis2web and sps to reprogram any modules

Q: Will it work on an 05 Saab 9-5?

Q: Can this make a chevy mylink radio with theft protection “relearn” the vin for the car i am installing it into?

Q:Can it work on 2017 Chevy Bolt
A:I used it on my 2017 Chevy Volt so I’m almost certain it would work on the Bolt as well.


Packing list:


1pc x VXDiag VCX NANO for GM

1pc x USB cable

1pc x Diver CD

 Vxdiag Vcx Nano For Gm A Must Know Diagnostic Scanner 03



If you’re searching for the choice diagnostic scanner, then VXDiag VCX NANO for GM is the one that you can’t miss: