Solved! VXDIAG Ford Cannot Open Patch and Device Not Found


I downloaded VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford IDS and patch files then tried to open patch and this comes up

“Error Failure, try again: 3”

Vxdiag Ford Ids Patch Error

Then i followed your advice to delete IDS patch file, then download to try again.  I have antivirus and firewall disabled as well.

But still struggling to get ford ids working

I downloaded and installed the software you sent.

but I cannot get the patch to open, I get the error message attached

“cannot find device”

Vxdiag Ford Ids Cannot Find Device

thank you for your patience.

Engineer says that you did not connect vcx nano device, or you did not install driver well.
Only when the device been recognized , you are able to run the IDS software.





Connected vxdiag ford device and all works well !!

Thank you again !!!