VXDIAG Benz Xentry 2020.03 Possible to do Online Programming?

As titled, possible to use the latest 2020.03 xentry software with vxdiag benz c6 to perform online programming?


Vxdiagshop.com engineer solution:

XENTRY since 2019.09 version stops downloading programming files from online server.

SCN coding goes fine. It’s just the programing of control units – it find’s new software for it, online update server is not accessible, but when you agree to update the module it then throws this error:

“A fault has occurred!”

A Fault Occur

2019.12, 2020.03 and up software cannot do online programming anymore.  Whenever you use vxdiag c6 or sd connect c4 multiplexer.


If you need to do Mercedes online programming:

1) Choose xentry software 2019.09 version previously.

2) Use newer software (2019.09 up) with daimler server license.

3)  configure the retail data storage (RDS) in the config assist (Cannot guarantee. You are at your risk.)

looking for a file  ConfigAssist.exe.config.  looking for a string  <setting name=”OnlineUpdate_PageAvailable” serializeAs=”String”> <value>false</value> .  false change to  True