How to Set up VXDIAG VCX SE BMW Remote Diagnosis?

Allscanner vxdiag company is rolling out the Remote Diagnostics function based on Wechat mobile platform. The web version will be released soon.


Compatible device: vxdiag vcx se for bmw, vxdiag vcx plus for bmw


How to set up VXDIAG BMW Remote Diagnosis?


Follow Allscanner official WeChat account “傲视卡尔科技”, choose Remote Diagnosis

Vxdiag Cloud Diagnostic 1Vxdiag Cloud Diagnostic 2

Vxdiag Cloud Diagnostic 3

Go to DoNet remote diagnostic platform

Vxdiag Cloud Diagnostic 4

First time using requires configure user information

Vxdiag Remote Diagnostic 3

Input User Name, mobile phone number, Save info. and combine device

Vxdiag Remote Diagnostic 4

Register user information with device VCI serial number 

Vxdiag Remote Diagnostic 5

Choose vcx se connection method: Network, wireless or WLAN connection

For example, here we connect via WLAN

Input WLAN name: DiagOnNet and password: DiagOnNet

Vxdiag Remote Diagnostic 6

Confirm and save.

Vxdiag Remote Diagnostic 7

Press the “Fn” Reset button of the VXDIAG VCX SE or VCX Plus

Vxdiag Remote Diagnostic 8

Mobile phone will identify device information

Install and run latest version VX Manager driver on your laptop (host machine), go to Remote Diagnosis

Enter device serial number, Reflash vcx

Vxdiag Remote Diagnostic 9

Check device information, then Connect vcx

Vxdiag Remote Diagnostic 10

Successful connection will prompt to restart VX Manager

Vxdiag Remote Diagnostic 11

Check remote connection status. Now your VCX SE BMW device information will be shown in the VX Manager

Vxdiag Remote Diagnostic 12

Then VXDIAG engineer will carry out remote diagnostics.