FAQ VXDIAG VCX DoIP for Jaguar Land Rover

VXDIAGSHOP here gathers some frequently asked questions about VXDIAG VCX DoIP diagnostic tool for Jaguar Land Rover.


Q: Can i use original JLR software with the doip vci?
A: Yes


Q: What is the advantages between the vxdiag doip vci and other jlr doip vci?

A: VXDIAG JLR DoIP possible to add other license to the unit, both software and hardware able to be updated. Other VCIs do not. Support diagnosis and J2534 programming.


Q: Does it support wifi connection?
A: Yes, it supports both WiFi, WLAN and USB connection.


Q: What is the latest software? How to update software?

A:  JLR DoIP comes with 2 packages- with or without software HDD.  You can buy JLR HDD for doip vci as well.

Current version SDD: v154
Current verison Pathfinder v182

Software is available to update by link.


Q:  Can this do online programming?

A:  Yes. But we don’t provide online account.


Q:   Do you provide online programming account?

A:  No.


Q: Does vxdiag jlr support engineer mode?

A: Yes.


Q:  Where can i register or purchase Pathfinder online account?

A:  Check here: https://topix.landrover.jlrext.com/topix/vehicle/lookupForm


Q:  Does this jlr doip change vehicle’s configuration CCF?

A: Yes. we have tested it and worked great.


Q: Does it change tire size on newer Land rover?

A: Yes.


Q:  How many warranty does it have ?
A:  1 year. Don’t open device or PCB.


Q: Can i program keys with vxdiag doip?
A:  Yes.


Q: Does jlr doip vci do module programming?



Q: Can i program ecu with this vxdiag jlr doip vci?

A:Yes.  VXDIAG Doip supports J2534 ECU programming.


Q: Can i activate other license to the doip vci?

A: Yes. Optional license: GM GDS, Honda HDS, Subaru SSM3, Toyota techstream, Porsche piwis2, Benz XENTRY, BMW ISTA, Ford/Mazda IDS, VW ODIS etc



Q: What year does it device support?

A: For Land Rover 2005-2018
L538C, L319, L494, L550, L320, L322, L538JV, L359, L405, L316
For Jaguar 1999-2017
X260, X150, X250, X350, X152, X351, X760, X100, X761, X400, X202

Pathfinder works on these models:
Land Rover Range Rover L405 2017 year
Land Rover Range Rover Sport Edition L494 2017 year
Land Rover New Discovery L462 2017 year
Jaguar F-TYPE X152 2018 year
Jaguar F-PACE X761 2018 year
Jaguar XE X760 2018 year
Jaguar XE X260 2018 year