VXDIAG VCX Pro Ford IDS License Not Found & Initialization Error5 Solution


When I tried to install Ford IDS software v112 for vxdiag vcx pro green intreface, it gave me 2 errors. My Disk C is full so i installed IDS on Disk D with other vxdiag software applications Techstream, Vida, HDS.

Error 1:

IDS Software- Production License Not Found.

An active IDS software license is not found and is required for
Vehicle Cummunications.


Error 2:

IDS software Initialization Error5


VXDIAGSHOP engineer solution:

1. VXDIAG Ford IDS software MUST be installed on Disk C.

2.Better install JLR SDD, Ford/Mazda IDS, Honda HDS and Volvo VIDA software seperately (on different laptops)

3.So you need uninstall software and opeating system to reinstall software.


If you have trouble in installing vxdiag software, better go for vxdiag and Levono laptop package. Software is pre-installed before shipping.