VXDIAG PSA Diagbox Load SDK DLL Failed Solution


Got the PSA license activated for the VXDIAG VCX SE device. After installing the PSA VCI driver, it didn’t detect the VCX SE unit. The driver reported an error “Diagbox Load SKL DLL failed”.

Any solution?

Vxdiag Diagbox Load Sdk Dll Failed


Uninstall and reinstall the PSA VCI Driver management tool. Also uninstall or deactivate antivirus, because that’s erasing the files autonomously.

PSA uses a separate driver.

Run PSA VCI driver and check if device is connected.

Install Psa Diagbox 9 85 For Vxdiag 7

Install Psa Diagbox 9 85 For Vxdiag 8

Then run Diagbox software on desktop.


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