VXDIAG Volvo License is Invalid Error Solution

Some users reported they set up VIDA 2014D software for vxdiag vcx se or vcx nano Volvo device.
Using VX Manager when click ‘Update Licence’ they get a message “The license is invalid, please update or contact the dealer to confirm this is a valid device”.



Here are the possible solutions:

1. Uninstall Volvo driver in vx manager and install it again.

Vxdiag Volvo Vdash 1

2.  If you still did not resolve that issue just connect your device, open VX manager and click on DIAGNOSTIC and install PASSTHRU (you must enable internet connection), after successfully installation you should see VXdiag in your VIDA!

Vxdiag Volvo Vdash 2

3. If still not working, delete vx manager, install again, then install Volvo and passthru drivers.