Program Ford Maverick Wireless Keypad with VXDIAG & FDRS

How-to: program a Wireless Keypad on a Ford Maverick MY 2024 using vxdiag vcx nano Ford scanner and FDRS software.



If you add the wireless battery powered keypad you must use FDRS (or go to the dealer)!


Buy a two day subscription for $50 on You MUST use a different OBD reader than the ELM327 adapter for FORScan! The cheapest options are a used Ford VCM II for about $150 or the VXDIAG VCX NANO for FORD for $89 on You may need to download specific drivers for the J2534 OBD adapter you are using. There are not many options for OBD adapters and most of the options are very expensive…thousands of dollars.

FDRS will be useful in the future for anything key programming related and for the other things FORScan cannot accomplish. Many people were not able to get Ford Dealerships to honor that cheap of an install. Ford Accessories Install prices are very misleading.. Several dealerships wanted over $100 for just the install.  Many shops are using the exact same software and they pay thousands for the OBD adapter and subscriptions.

The driver for FDRS is in the download for the VX manager. If you try to download the VX manager beta and it would not let you because antivirus was kicking in but it let you install the latest release non beta. It’s working fine if follow these instructions below.
VXdiag instructions

FDRS is somewhat challenging to get set up. The servers can be iffy at first, you must have internet access and you must log into an active Ford account as an independent user. Here is a link below to help with getting FDRS set up.


After getting FDRS setup and connected to your vehicle, you now can set up your wireless keypad. You will start by choosing Toolbox. Then BCM. Then choose Remote Keyless Entry Pad. Now just follow the instructions until they are complete.

Ford Maverick Wireless Keypad