VXDIAG Scanner Review on Honda Clarity

Here comes the review on VXDIAG Honda from one of vxdiagshop.com’s customers.


“I got mine a vxdiag vcx se Honda device from vxdiagshop.com because I could get all brands onto one dedicated laptop (started with HONDA software).

I drives a Honda Clarity 2018.

I pulled out my i-H-D-S clone VXDiag unit to see what I could see as I’m coming up on (3 weeks as of this morning per display) A 0 1 2. Updated the firmware and software to the latest, set the car up with a battery charger set to Boost at 20 A. Booted up to what appears to be 3.102.054.ENG.WIN32 and found data on items 2, 3, 4, and 5.

I also have a Foxwell and Autel diagnostics tools that have gotten me by with what I needed to be done.

It took some tinkering to get it to work right out of the box via updated software and firmware for our Honda, but vxdiag immediately paid itself in return for the problem I was diagnosing on that car.


It’s a trade off there is definitely increased functionality vs the Foxwell NT710 Elite or the Autel ITS600 (Pro functions enabled,) which are easier to use.

The most helpful so far has been occasionally signing up for Honda’s Tech Info and compiling what I need via PDFCreator (in the 74,xxx mi) that we have on our Clarity:

I do almost all services for our Clarity personally, except warranty/recalls and the first free oil change. I even rotated tires when the tire store started asking me to replace them until I felt they were really worn down.”