How to Add Ford Bronco Keyless Entry with VXDIAG and FDRS

How to add a Keyless Entry to Ford Bronco or other new models without any dicking around from the dealer.


Tools you need:

Keyless Entry Keypad KB3Z-14A626-B (FOR BRONCO WITH REMOTE START)

VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford J2534 adapter

And the Ford FDRS Software:

Vxdiag Ford F150 Ota Update 1


And it is super easy to do with FDRS Software from Ford’s website. You need to get a 2 day license for the software ($50).

You will need the Keyless Entry Pad, internet access, the FDRS license, a Ford login account, and Internet access in order to install the Keyless Entry. NOTE: When you buy the license it doesn’t make your account. So that was an extra step. (I actually installed all the FDRS,FJDS, IDS, and VCI software)

I installed the license in FJDS only to find out that FJDS doesn’t work on the Bronco.

After intalling the FDRS software, the VXDiag VX Manager Software, and the J2534 Adapter;
Start the FDRS software.
Open FDRS, log into your account using FDRS
Look for the Keyless Entry Programming section and download that routine from the net.
Make sure the vehicle is off, and start the module, follow the instructions.
Power on vehicle when prompted.
Enter the six digit serial number when prompted.
Test the Keyless Entry Lock when prompted.
Turn off the vehicle when prompted.
Test the entry code.
Program your new personal code if desired.
Test your personal entry code
press 7-8/9-0 to lock your vehicle.

You are done.

It was really quite easy! Hope that helps anyone who wants to tackle this.


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