VXDIAG GDS2 Cannot See Opel Corsa F 2022?


Tried to scan an Opel Corsa F 2022 (VIN: VXKUHZKXZN4121553 ) with vxdiag vcx nano gm GDS2 software. GDS2 detects it as an Opel mokka 2018. It is wrong.

When trying a manual selection, no vehicle can be found. My universal scanner does see it. Any clue?

Opel Corsa F 2022 Vxdiag Gds 1 Opel Corsa F 2022 Vxdiag Gds 2

Opel Corsa F 2022 1


The diagnosis of the new Opel Corsa F must be done with the Diagbox software, because the new version of the Opel Corsa F is based on the Peugeot 208.

Aslo other new Opel car models such as Mokka, Crossland, New Astra, New Grandland, Combo life, Combo Cargo, Zafira Vivaro Life, Vivaro, Movano etc.
 should be done via diagbox.

Diagbox Opel Corsa F

Purchase VXDIAG PSA diagbox device instead.


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