How to Activate Nissan License to VXDIAG VCX SE?

Allscanner company released new Nissan software license in January 2024.

Vxdiag Nissan License For Vcx Se

Nissan license compatible devices:

VCX SE and VCX Plus series.

 VCX SE V94SE****, VCX Multi V52XP****, V71XN****, V81XD****, V83XD****, V94XD*****, VCX PRO P71XP****.

To activate Nissan license to your VCX SE or VCX Plus devices, pay for the Nissan license here, then provide your device serial number to us. engineer will activate license for you in 24hrs-72hrs.



Software version: Nissan Consult III Plus V226, update by link

Car brands: Nissan, Infiniti, GTR


Operating system: Win7, Win8

Driver: use separate driver for Nissan (like driver for Renault)

Software and driver can be downloaded free (soon).



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