ODIS V23 Crashes After Installing VXDIAG 6154 Driver?


ODIS Service 23 and Engineer V17 crash after Vxdiag VAS6154 driver gets installed. It stops and disappears from the screen after a few seconds after starting Odis-S 23.0.1 or Odis-E 17.0.1 when the VW Odis 6154 driver is installed in VX Manager? I mention that if I only put passthru drivers, everything is ok. I use a VXDIAG VCX SE with full licenses. vx manager is up to date.

Any clue?



Here is the possible reason:

If use 3rd party ODIS-S V23/ODIS-E V17, install it and use it as a passthru device.

It is the license. Crack license won’t work with vxdiag. With a good crack or genuine VXDIAG license works for sure (ODIS-S V11 and ODIS-E V14 HDD work fine as OEM emulator, and have VXDIAG license).

VXDIAG 6154 driver is not ready for the ODIS V23 license. So use it as a passthru device at present.

If works in passthru mode, but software closes, it can be solved by reinstalling VX manager.