VXDIAG VCX NANO GM 2017 Silverado SPS Programming Review

VXDIAG VCX NANO GM/Opel scanner review (October 25th, 2023)


You can get a Tech2 Diagnostic Interface for $800+ or this handy vxdiag vcx nano gm passthrough adapter, used with your laptop for just over $100.

It is not intuitive and I’d recommend checking somewhere else for instructions on how to use it. As far as the software on the included USB, only install what you need as some software is used for older GM, the other for newer.

If you’re worried about sketchy software, install it within a VM. Like others, I was successfully able to passthrough the USB device using VMWare and perform the work I needed done. You might need an ACDelco subscription ($45/VIN/2 years) to make the changes you want. This is a GM decision so save the one star reviews for them and their DRM.

Even with paying that, I avoided a tow to the dealership along with the one week wait for an appointment, restoring functionality after a faulty ‘protected codes’ in my Silverado.