How to Install ODIS-E V17 for VXDIAG VCX SE 6154?

Latest ODIS offboard diagnostic engineering software V17.01 was tested working with VXDIAG 6154 scanners.


ODIS E V17.01 can be downloaded free here.

Keygen is not included. If need activation, buy the activation service here. It contains both ODIS-S V23 and ODIS-E V17. Both can be activated free for once.



Version: ODIS Engineering 17.01

Compatible device: VXDIAG VCX SE 6154VXDIAG VCX NANO 6154 as well as other passthru devices (openport 2, vnci 6154a, godiag j2534 etc)

Operating system: Win10 or later O/S, RAM>4G. Win7 is not supported since this version.

Language: Multi-language


How to Install ODIS S V17 for VXDIAG 6154?


Video reference

Step 1: Install ODIS-E V17 Setup
Open ODIS-E 17.0.1 folder
Open ODIS-Engineering_17_0_1 folder
Run OffboardDiagSetup-Engineering-17_0_1
Select Setup language

Install Odis E V17 1
Press Next
Select diagnostic interface as VAS 6154 and press Next

Install Odis E V17 2
Then software will ask license for activation
Open license.dat from ODIS-E 17.0.1/Patch & License folder

Install Odis E V17 3

Install Odis E V17 4
Select Create a folder in the start menu and create shortcuts for all users
Installing Setup until finished

Install Odis E V17 5

Step 2: Activate ODIS-E
Run Patch & License folder, open 17.0.1 patch folder
Copy all three files from 17.0.1 patch folder and paste to Win11ProW X64/Program Files/OE folder

Install Odis E V17 6

Install Odis E V17 7
Send OffboardDiagLauncher_protected from Win11ProW X64/Program Files/OE to desktop

Install Odis E V17 8
Rename OffboardDiagLauncher_protected desktop shortcut as ODIS E 17.01 and run it

Install Odis E V17 9
ODIS-E will ask for an activation key
Send the hardware ID to engineer and we will send you back the activation key after pay for the activation service.
Input activation key and press Register

Install Odis E V17 10
Step 3: Install PostSetup
Open PostSetup_202300619.iso on ODIS-E 17.0.1 folder as Winrar file
Extract PostSetup 202300619 file to Disk E

Install Odis E V17 11

In ODIS-E 17.01 if we select file location to E:/ODIS_Engineering, it says no valid software configuration.

Install Odis E V17 12

We do this.
Create a new ODIS Engineer 17.01 folder on disk E, copy ODIS Engineering folder to this new folder.

Select local directory as file:E:/ODIS_Engineering 17.01/, it should be fine.

Install Odis E V17 13

Install Odis E V17 14
Select PostSetup language
Wait until postsetup installation finished

Install Odis E V17 15

Step 4: Exyatct VWMCD

Unzip VWMCD file in 4.VWMCD folder
and extract to C:/ProgramData/OE/MCD-projects-E/VWMCD folder

Install Odis E V17 16

Step 5: Install Driver.

The U disk contains both ODIS-S and ODIS-E software. Drivers are in the ODIS-S 23.0.1 folder.

Install Odis S V23 13

Install the corresponding driver like Step5 here.

How to Install VXDIAG VCX SE 6154 ODIS-S V23?


If already installed driver for ODIS-S, don’t need to install same driver for ODIS-E again.


Step 6: Run ODIS-E 17

Run ODIS-E 17.01 on desktop
Software is ready to use.

Install Odis E V17 18