VXDIAG VCX SE Benz One Year Review

Here comes the VXDIAG VCX SE Benz DoIP scanner unbiased review from a German customer:


“I’ve been using this unit for over a year and it runs great with the original MB software.

You should have some experience when installing the SW: Xentry is still quite easy for a layman.

It runs stably with both Xentry (diagnostics) and DTSmonaco (coding, flashing).
It runs with older vehicles. (CAESAR, i.e. cbf files) not quite as stable as in MVCI mode (smrd).
The C6 mode is great, the PT mode is not quite as stable, but usable.
I bought it in addition to the C4 because it’s easy to use.
It’s a bit slower than the C4 when it comes to flashing and of course it can’t support a K-Line and doesn’t support the 38-pin either.
So I recommend it for W212 and newer.
It can do both: VCI operation (C6 mode for OpenShell) and J2534 (for PassThru).
In both modes it also supports DoIP.
I’m very satisfied.”