Program GMC 2500 2011 Key with VXDIAG and SPS2

It is a Gmc 2500 2011 Canadian model.  The client got a key from the dealer but cannot get that security light closing after 10min.

Error code: P0633.  He tried test unpluging battery one night, still not working.

DTC P0633 shows up active and the vehicle does not start because the new key is not programmed to the vehicle.

GM P0633 1


VXDIAG VCX SE or VCX NANO interfaces will do the job for you. You have to be sure to select the model for GM vehicles.

In order to program the new key (as a first or master key, because you don’t have the original master key) you need to put the PCM in learn mode, and this is only possible through SPS2 programming.

After that, you can program any additional keys without the need of SPS2 programming.





He paid for one VIN 2 years use of SPS2 and got the vxdiag tech2 clone.

Finally when you lost a key don’t touch anything before getting all the tool you need vxdiag tech2win and register to sps2.