VXDIAG VCX SE 6154 ODIS V11 Error License Expired?


I got the ODIS v11 software installed for the vxdiag vcx se 6154 interface. When i run odis v11, it said this software is old and asked to update software. When i click OK to proceed, it said license for using this program has expired. Any solution?

Vxdiag Odis V11 Software Is Too Old 1

Vxdiag Odis V11 Software Is Too Old 2


1. Try to change computer date/time to year 2020 or older.

2. If still not working, there is something wrong with your license. Update vxdiag vcx se 6154 firmware and license.

3.If all failed, reinstall ODIS V11 or get an odis hard drive instead.