VXDIAG VCX SE 6154 vs VAS 6154A vs SVCI 6154A vs VAS 5054A Clone

The purpose of this topic is to make a comparison which is the best solution for replacement of original vas6154a, of course we all know that the best solution is original vas6154a.


Svci 6154a
– works up to Odis version 11 according to some users, but no information how its possible.
– works with an online account
– works stable with version 9, 10 and 11

-unstable and dropping connection all the time (on wifi an also on USB)
– price about 200 euros with delivery from China


vxdiag vcx se 6154a
– work stable with version 7, 9 and version 11 works great with diagnostics and programming.
– works with an online account

– recognized as VAS6154 with doip potocal. tested 2022 new platform audi a3 without problem

-USB, WiFi and WLAN connection

-It works also as passthru device

– Allow add other car license to the device (you can also get a cheaper version vcx nano 6154 if only need vag brand)
– Price about 160 euros with delivery



Vas6154a clone
– there are two versions on the market and both are available through Europe
One version is old and 1.6.6. on firmware can work with Porsche program Piwis
The second version 1.8.9. the firmware can be update and work with odis
-works with an online account

– China clone of VAS6154 is a 6154 case with a VXDiag (VCX) motherboard.

– price around 90 euros can be delivery from Europe


Vas 5054a clone
-works great up to version 7.2.1

-not working odis v11 and seems discontinued.
-works with an online account
– price about 150 euros with delivery from Europe


Vas 6154a – ORIGINAL
Prices are officially by official service/dealer in Europe
Dealer price 1000 euros with full discount
Price client around 1250-1400 euro without discount



We suggest VXDIAG VCX SE 6154, there are good reviews for it in YouTube, and works fine with version 11 Odis. vcx se is a better choice at the moment. runs more stable.