Renault License is Available on VXDIAG VCX SE and VCX Plus

Good news!!! Renault software license now can be activated on the VXDIAG VCX SE and VCX Plus series devices.


If you don’t need a brand new vcx nano Renault, then activate the Renault software license to your existing device.


Renault license activation

Vxdiag Renault License

Available for VCX SE V94SE****, VCX Multi V52XP****, V71XN****, V81XD****, V83XD****, V94XD*****
Free download Renault Clip V219 software.




If your device serial number belongs to NANO series (SN: N52VA***, N52FM***, N52JL***, N52GM***,N52TL***, N52VV***, N52VA***, NCA*****), or VCX SE with S94BM*** or S94JL***, then DO NOT support adding extra license.





Don’t need to install Renault driver in vx manager,¬†only install Passthru driver.

If install Renault driver, it will report error “file check failed”.


If device cannot be detected after installing passthru driver, first update license in vx manager, delete vx manager, then install Renault driver separately.