Mini VCI or VXDIAG Techstream to read Lexus AHC Code?

As titled, what is a better cable to read Lexus (LX470 1998 here) AHC codes?

Here’s one of our customers’ report and feedback.



Mini VCI:

Recently picked up an old LX470 1998, wanting to get AHC adjusted properly. When pulling up TechStream with the mini vci cable, I am unable to check the AHC codes.
Cable I purchased: (it is advertised as 1.4.8, the cable shows 1.4.1)

Vxdiag Lexus Rx470 Error 1

I have already started the return process for the mini vci cable that I purchased through Amazon. It was kind of strange to me, it would read some things just fine, but other things, like AHC codes,

I will order the vxdiag vcx nano cable and give it a try.


VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota Techstream:

Received the vcx nano cable, updated it, and….. IT WORKS!!

It came with a newer version of Techstream V18.

It reads AHC codes without problem.

Vxdiag Lexus Rx470 Error 2

It does everything Techstream does. I think it’s a better-built cable so I have heard that it works for stuff the cable didn’t work on like TPMS. I was able to assign my another lexus TPMS ID’s to ECU with this. I was not able to do it with the regular cable.


I have been using this VXDIAG one for about 2 months and have zero issues. I love that I can connect wirelessly. I plug in the device, walk over to my garage work desk and use the laptop there. It’s much sturdier than the cables.