VXDIAG ODIS Still in English After Change Language?


I got the vxdiag vcx se full with 2TB hdd, today I loaded VAG ODIS software and selected Polish language pack.  But software still displays in English. Any solution?




If you select Polish pack, there are 2 language in system, English+ Polish.

Go to Admin to switch language from English to Polish.

Same as other languages.

O D I S Language

Odis Language 3 Odis Language 4


First ODIS (2TB HDD or VCX SE 6154 HDD) installation requires updating data first. This process may take about 1 hour.
During the process, need to choose the correct language you need.

The first installation will ask to select language pack. DO select the language you desired.  You cannot change language later if don’t select language pack at the beginning.

O D I S Language 1