Can I Downgrade VXDIAG VCX SE VX Manager to V1.6?


Is there a way to downgrade my vxdiag vcx se version to 1.6 and back to new version without loosing my license or hardware?

i found this on the net
1.Make a backup of your mangercenterc.ini file (where your prog is installed)
2.Change one line in your original ini file to FirmwareUrl=””
3.Open Vx Manager and “update” your firmware.

could it work or i may lose my lisence?




FW1.8+ has a different license. You will lose all licenses after downgrading.
You can downgrade with loosing licenses.
After return back to the FW1.8+ licenses restored from the VXdiag server.
Newly installed licenses completely overwrite old.

BUT it is not recommended to do so.

If there is a newer vx manager, you device will not working properly.