VXDIAG Techstream No Toyota Proace in Vehicle List?


I have a vxdiag vcx nano Toyota connector with latest techstream V18.00.008 on a Windows 10 64bit pc.  I’ve managed to get the program and the connector to communicate with my van (Toyota Proace City 2020). Techstream does not have proace in vehicle list.  Tried mini vci no Proace either.

Techstream No Proace 2020 In List


Toyota Proace is based on a PSA platform. Toyota Proace is a Peugeot Expert and Citroen Jumpy. PSA made Proace for Toyota.

For ProAce project TME has decided the adoption of PSA technical documentation and diagnostic tester.

So you will need diagbox to diagnose.

Techstream is for all Toyota and Lexus except Supra and ProAce. Supra needs Toyota ISTA and Proace requires diagbox.

Check and download ISTA & Diagbox license for Supra and Proace here.

Toyota Proace Diagbox