Does VXDIAG VCX SE Work with Genuine VIDA?

I was curious if VXDiag VCX SE is compatible to be used with Genuine VIDA. If yes what interface should I choose “VXDIAG” or “DICE-J2534”?




Yes, vcx se is compatible with Genuine Volvo VIDA software.

Make sure Volvo driver is installed in vx manager and select the interface of¬†“VXDIAG”.

It works as diagnostics. It is loads of stuff and as well as SUM Calibration. It is a pain to set up VIDA software but if put it on Win7 pro laptop, it is a breeze.

but vcx se is not able to program modules. You need original DICE for module programming.

VCX SE also has a J2534 pass-thru capability. It works with both VIDA and Vdash.

You can also use it as a passthru on other cars.