VXDIAG Porsche PIWIS III Update to V41.600 +V38.250

Latest PIWIS III software goes to V41.600. It has been tested working no problem on VXDIAG diagnostic scanners (VCX DoIP and VCX SE).


Release Year/Date : 2022
Version : 41.600 + 38.250
System requirements : Windows 10 x64
Interface language : Multilingual


Porsche Pw3 41 600 Software 1

What’s New in PIWIS III 41.600?

— New versions of Porsche Piwis Tester (41.600 + 38.250);
— Full FAP diagnostic protocol;
— Complete electronic schematics of Porsche cars;
– Reading, decoding, erasing error codes;
— Reset service intervals;
— View and save current data stream;
– View still images of errors;
— Tests of executive mechanisms and electronic blocks;
— 2021 Guided Troubleshooting (online and offline);
– Adaptation and coding of electronic units and components of the car;
– Activating/deactivating components as well as hidden functions of the car;
– Car retrofitting, automatic and manual coding of new items;
– Remove component protection (requires online PPN access);
— Immobilizer and key programming (requires online PPN access);
— Overview of electrical diagrams of Porsche cars;
– PPN online support;
— Taycan and Cayenne E3 coding and programming;
– Supports cars until 2022;
— Engineering mode of programming of electronic control blocks;
– PETKA 2022 with free online update of spare parts catalogs and price list;
– There is access to the desktop (when completing the Porsche PIWIS TESTER 3 program, the computer does not turn off);
– Updated firmware for E2 and E3 body;
– The most complete version of the original;
– Added firmware updates and database for E2, E3, Taycan, Macan, Cayenne, 992, 918S, etc.;
– Updated diagnostic functions and PTTD for E2, E3, Taycan, Macan, Cayenne, 992, 970, 971, 918S, 981, 911, etc.;
– Added Porsche car manual and repair manual.


Soon we will get software 500GB SSD V41.600+V38.250 Version


Porsche Piwis3 V41 600 Software 1 Porsche Piwis3 V41 600 Software 2 Porsche Piwis3 V41 600 Software 4 Porsche Piwis3 V41 600 Software 5 Porsche Piwis3 V41 600 Software 6

There are two versions of the program installed in this assembly:
1. Porsche PIWIS 41.600 (2022), with open engineer mode (V/E), unlimited license and additional updates.
2. Porsche PIWIS 38.250 (2020) full engineering version of the program with V/E/P operating modes, including Taycan. Unlimited license.
The difference between development and engineering is as follows:
Engineering is a complete engineering mode that allows full control of the coding (manual coding without rules), which allows the user to make small changes to the code such as increasing boost pressure on the MFD, enabling sports gauges, as well as enabling g-force. how to run normal auto/manual coding for retrofits like PDLS+ or Xenon to LED conversion. There is no V (aftermarket mode) or P (production mode) in the engineering version.
Development has most of the development features but does NOT have a full development mode, NO manual coding without rules, so you can’t make small changes like above. However, you can use this to add features via auto/manual coding such as PDLS+, lane keeping assist, speed sign recognition, cruise control, etc. rules).
Both versions have all other features, guided troubleshooting, vehicle maintenance, VAL, trouble codes, troubleshooting, programming, etc. The only difference is manual coding without rules and no V or P mode.
The specified versions of PIWIS TESTER are not trimmed or trimmed.
Switching between programs 41.600 and 38.250 takes place in the most proprietary Porsche PIWIS TESTER shell. There is no need to restart the computer to change the version of the program and change the operating system.
The assembly also includes an electronic parts catalog Porsche Pet 8.3 (2022) with free online updates of both the parts catalog and price lists, built-in Pius.
Add. Information : Attached is a working image of Piwis III in ***.pbd (EaseUs) format with support for the Chinese VAS 6154! Latest working firmware VAS 6154 Installation instructions below.


Make sure you install and update the Porsche PT3G driver to latest version.

Also keep VCX firmware and license up-to-date.

Porsche Pt3g