VXDIAG VCX SE JLR DoIP “License Invalid, Update VCI” Solution


I just received the vxdiag vcx se with full license. Got the firmware and license updated. When trying to update JLR DoIP driver, it failed me and says the license invalid, update vci.

Vxidag Jlr Doip License Invalid 3

Vxidag Jlr Doip License Invalid


If get the vcx se full with 2TB HDD, it does not include the JLR DoIP license.

Go to “Licenses” function and check available licenses.

As you can see, JLR DoIP license is not included.  JLR license (SDD only) is different from JLR DoIP license (Pathfinder).

Vxidag Jlr Doip License Invalid 2

JLR DoIP and Porsche PIWIS3 licenses require to be purchased separately.

JLR DoIP license

Porsche piwis3 license