2021 F150 No Crank No Start After BCM Replacement?


I purchased a flood damaged 2021 F150 with a bricked Body control module that could not be cloned. So far I’ve cleaned all Terminals, harnesses, replaced the body control module, Power control module, Passenger door control module, and Body control module C (fuse holder). After replacing those I programmed the 2 keys (original to the truck) to the new BCM using the prompts on the dashboard (without using Forscan) after that I configured all the modules to as built with Forscan.

I was able to get most functions of the truck to work but there is still no crank, no start. Is there something else I need to do to install the BCM? and can I do that with Forscan?


PAT’S programming, you need Ford FDRS to do this.
You can skip the dealer and find a local auto locksmith with an Autel MaxiIM IM608 key programmer or similar. I replaced my BCM recently on 2019 F150. Used Forscan to program factory as-built data and an Autel IM608 to do the keys. Also, Ford IDS is for older vehicles (pre 2015). You would need Ford J2534 adapter (VXDIAG, VCM etc), FDRS with a dealer license to do PATS programming. There are people sell 1 day, 1 week and 1 year licence to FDRS with PATS access.
So just to be clear:

1) Erase all keys
2) Program 2 new key/fob combo with remote start

Just follow the programming it will ask for each key to be inserted and will complete after both keys have been successfully programmed.
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