VXDIAG Benz Xentry W167 W213 Login Failed??

Question: I hooked up the vxdiag vcx se benz xentry 03/2022 on my Mercedes benz 2021 GLE W167. vcx se failed to connect to car. Xentry reported error login failed.
Error message:

‘Login Failed
For diagnostic access to this model series, a personalized login including authorization is required.
It is recommended to request a personalized login or authorization now.’

Any idea how to fix?

Mercedes Benz 2021 Gle Vxdiag
Mercedes Benz 2021 Gle Vxdiag 2

Daimler change the game with xentry accounts now.

DSB, EVA, Logistikbus, SPPS, VeDoc, WIS / ASRA, XENTRY TIPS Writer applications are afftected. 

Every diagnosis user must independently request the Standard Diagnosis rights via https://umas.daimler.com/umas and run through the one-off identification process. It may also be necessary for the market-specific ISP support to create the user in GEMS if they do not yet have a user ID.

To diagnose Mercedes Benz W167 W213, you need xentry diagnosis authorization which we don’t provide.