VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota Review on 2012 Prius V

I got Vxdiag VCX nano Toyota Techstream wifi cable for my 2012 Prius v wagon 3 . Working pretty fast and well – faster than the cheaper ones, no glitches. I heard it’s the best money/quality.

If you get this some tips: after you install Techstream and you copy Toyota Launcher.exe in the bin folder, and you install VX Manager (anyway dongle software) and update the dongle. Disable firewall defender from control panel. Launch Toyota Launcher.exe. If that doesn’t open Techstream like in the VXDiag tutorial (they also have youtube versions), then open Techstream and fill in as per the tutorial with those names, numbers, settings. Then as you reach the key box, close. Then open with Toyota Launcher.exe copied in bin – might take 2-3 seconds before the program responds. It should open Techstream at this point and you know you’re good when you see 2d23h59m in the left corner at the bottom.

Reactivate firewall and always use Toyota Launcher.exe in bin to launch Techstream – delete the original .exe and make a shortcut of the copied Toyota Launcher.exe . So far I was able to monitor live my brakes and to run general diagnostics. It works pretty fast; I tried the mini vci a bit and it was much slower and glitchy, every other third major thing I did it crashed.

The reviewer made a point: you gonna keep this car for years; so it’s a worthy investment if you DIY. The VCX won’t give you trouble as far as I know.


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VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota Techstream Review on Prius