Free Download VXDIAG VX Manager V1.8.9

Allscanner VXDIAG VX Manager driver released to new version 1.8.9 on June 2nd, 2022. There is a new VCI firmware upgrade as well.


VX Manager


Date: 2022-06-01


Free Download VX Manager 1.8.9

VX Manager 1.8.9 Mega Download

2022.06.01 V1.8.9.0601

Update VCI SDK v1.8.9.0 (Slow startup loading speed)
Add Manager program log.
Add Detects OBD power and prompts when firmware updating.
OPT Enhance License update network timeout, failure retry, and update license immediately after updating firmware.
OPT Manager automatic update process.

Vxdiag Vx Manager 1 8 9


VCI Firmware update Log

Fix: TP20 protocol transmit segment data error process (programming interrupt)

VCI Firmware Update Guide