Can VXDIAG J2534 Be Used as Passthru for Renault Clip?

Is it possible to use vxdiag vcx nano or vcx se as Renault can clip Passthru interface?


Users have tested it but no luck.

Test report:

I have try with VXDIAG interface on Renault Megane 2015, it detects the interface and also detect the car very fast,
but after enter the network test the software crash, something about CAN1, CAN2 etc error.

The error comes from AcqBoardJ2534Adapter.dll and it was on Clip 198.



VXDiag supports Can / Can PS but does not support Can CH1 / Can CH2, the firmware is too old for Clip and the new RSN interface.

VCX Nano will not work interface is limited by licensed.  It is not recommended as passthru for CLIP.

VXdiag j2534 is known good working with Benz, GM, Ford, Toyota, JLR etc passthru devices.